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New perspectives on conceptual change

Edited by Wolfgang Schnotz, Stella Vosniadou and Mario Carretero
Oxford, Pergamon, 1999

"New Perspectives on Conceptual Change" brings together the latest research on conceptual change from perspectives in developmental, cognitive and motivational psychology, instructional psychology and science education. The book addresses four main themes: the interplay between the learner's naive knowledge based on everyday experience and new knowledge conveyed by schooling and formal instruction; traditional cognitive views on knowledge acquisition and new socioconstructionist perspectives; constraints on knowledge acquisition and modification within specific learning domains; and instructional aspects of conceptual change and suggestions for the design of learning environments and teaching processes which promote conceptual change.


Learning and reasoning in history

Edited by Mario Carretero and James F. Voss
Londres, Woburn Press, 1998

The second volume in this series is a major contribution to both history education and the developing cognitive psychology of specific disciplines. It consists entirely of the proceedings of an international conference held near Madrid in 1994 on cognition and instruction in history, and is guest edited by Jim Voss and Mario Carretero.Learning and Reasoning in History is divided into four sections: Historical narrative, Students' understanding and use of texts and sources in history, including the way in which such texts are used in facing historical controversies , Students' explanations in history, dealing with both causal and intentional explanatin, The teaching of history and students' understanding of some important substantive concepts. The range and quality of the contributions, many from eminent researchers in the field, and the importance of the issues they discuss, make this book an indispensable tool for anyone interested in history education or cognitive psychology.


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